TV gardener, David Domoney says: “Youngsters are playing indoors much more than they used to a generation ago, and many spend nearly five times more time on computer games then playing outside. It’s so important for children to get out in the garden during the summer and get some fresh air and exercise, and if we’re not careful a whole generation will miss out on the joys of the great outdoors.”

As part of the campaign we commissioned a survey of 2,000 parents and discovered a huge 60 per cent of children would rather play indoors on computer games than play in the garden.

Since enjoying the great outdoors is becoming a thing of past, we want to encourage both parents and children to step outside together – a staggering 40 per cent of mums and dads admitted that they let their children stay indoors for long periods of time because it gives them “some peace” using the gadgets as ‘electronic child minders’.

There are many outdoor activities families can get stuck into and enjoy this summer, such as sowing seeds, planting flowers, picking fruit and watering the garden. These gardening hobbies are not only fun for the children but also help keep them active.

David continues: ‘A lot of children said they would spend more time in the garden if they could help out with an activity, such as using a hose and watering the plants. Nowadays there are loads of kids gardening tools on the market which are ideal for little hands to use.’

Lisa Jordan, UK marketing manager for Hozelock said: ““Hozelock has a wide range of products to help children enjoy the garden – take our newly launched PicoTMReel for example – this compact watering hose weighs less than two bags of sugar and will help children make light work of watering the garden!”

Our gardening products are perfect for all ages, meaning the whole family can get their fingers green and help their garden grow. Check our new range of products out here.

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