So why not set yourself some gardening resolutions? Getting a head start in your garden will help you save you money and time.

So if you are set on creating a beautiful and blooming garden, here are a few gardening gems to kick-start January:

  • Think about recycling your Christmas tree. You can use mulch to retain essential moisture for your trees and plants by shredding the pine leaves and branches of your festive tree.
  • Review your gardening checklist. It is important to prioritise and prepare for a spring clean by mending and cleaning gardening tools, service your lawn mower and fix lawn edges.
  • Clean up your empty pots.  A quick jet spray soon removes bugs and old compost so you’ll be ready for quick and hygienic start as soon as the days start to lengthen.
  • Remember, when making a plan for your garden, it is never too early to order seeds. You can start to sow sweet peas now, plant hedges and even transplant existing trees to alter the structure of your garden. Planning ahead really does help to create the steps to a beautiful garden in spring and summer.

Starting the year with a little preparation and making the most of your garden will not only make your garden easy on the eye, it can inspire new projects in January.

What a great New Year’s resolution to have!

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