Weed or No Weed

Weed or No Weed

We have delved into the minds of 1,665 British garden owners and tested their weeding knowledge as part of our ‘Weed or No Weed’ campaign, aimed at encouraging gardeners to identify weeds and inspire them to make their garden glorious!

With a resounding consensus that weeds can overpower the plants you try to grow, we found that 51 per cent of us Brits are binning garden flowers instead. Although this may seem surprising, fear not – gardening is a learning curve and the glory of gardening is trial and error!

Carol Wright, marketing manager of Hozelock, said: “With the buds forming and the bulbs flowering, spring is the perfect time to get stuck into the garden.  Getting to grips with your plants will help you make the most of your garden.”

Since we all have busy lifestyles, with tick lists, check lists and crowded calendars, it is easy to let gardening chores slip from the forefront of our minds. Nearly three in 10 gardeners wished they had more time for gardening and almost one in two enjoy pottering in the garden.

The Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder is the perfect gardening gadget and the latest gardening solution to get rid of those pesky weeds! Chemical-free, this ultimate solution destroys the weed cells in seconds, leaving the garden immediately safe for children, pets and wild life!

Carol continued: “The Green Power Thermal Weeder’s rapid heating system makes weeding quick and easy from the outset. Green Power Thermal Weeder’s intelligent design uses an inbuilt protective cone to ensure weeds are accurately targeted without damaging any surrounding greenery – perfect for organic gardening enthusiasts.”

With this in mind, we want to encourage you to enjoy your outdoor space, one of the most wonderful things about your garden is the anticipation it provides. So rewind, restart and tackle weeds with ease – giving you peace of mind and enjoyment!

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